Dreamy, graceful and romantic, Peut-Être magazines are filled to the brim with beautiful images, and closer to a book than a magazine, not only in its volume, but also in the dimensions of the beautiful images contained within it, allowing the reader to appreciate each and every intricate detail captured by French photographer Nathalie Malric - founder, photographer and creative director of the magazine.

Nathalie founded Peut-Être magazine in France in 2011, in collaboration with graphic designer, illustrator and creator of Ö-Studio Olivier Bousquet and fashion writer and editor Clarice Chian.

The initial concept of the magazine is based on Nathalie’s behind the scenes photos taken at fashion shows, the red thread of the publication. It aims to share an intimate and personal view of the art environment and its creation through portraits and interviews with people in the fashion, beauty, culinary, art and entertainment industry, irrespective of current trends. With a passion for Polaroids, every magazine cover is taken from a Polaroid photograph taken by Nathalie, with an accompanying series of Polaroid photographs within the magazine.

Through her camera, Nathalie aims to capture beauty and grace in magical moments she encounters, and through Peut-Être, these are shared with the world.